PHASE: Finished

PERIOD: 2017-01-01 — 2020-03-30

LEADER: Dan Still




External wiki - External documentation, manuals and guides.

Internal wiki - Internal working documents.


Project directive

Project plan

Final Report

Glenna2 continues the collaboration of the first Glenna project.

The Glenna2 project aims to provide added value to the Nordic national cloud and dataintensive computing initiatives by:

Supporting national cloud initiatives to sustain affordable IaaS cloud resources through financial support, knowledge exchange and pooling competency on cloud operations.

Using such national resources to establish an internationally leading collaboration on data intensive computing in collaboration with user communities.

Leveraging the pooled competency to take responsibility for assessing future hybrid cloud technology and communicate that to the national initiatives.

Supporting use of resources by pooling national cloud application expert support and create a Nordic support channel for cloud and big data. The mandate is to sustain a coordinated training and dissemination effort, creating training material and providing application level support to cloud users in all countries.