Open Project Manager positions in Puhuri & NICEST2

NeIC is looking for two Project Managers for its two new projects, Puhuri and NICEST2. The projects will start during the year 2020.

Puhuri will work to enable seamless cross-border service access for Nordic scientists. The first focus is Nordic access to the LUMI resources. For the Puhuri project, we’re seeking a Project Manager to fill a 50% position. The contract period for the position is 2 years. For more information about the role and how to apply please see here.

NICEST2 is a continuation of NeIC’s NICEST project (Nordic Infrastructure Collaboration for Earth System Modelling Tools). For the NICEST2 Project Manager, the position is 50 % and contract period 3 years. More information about the NICEST2 project can be found here, and information about the position and applying here.

We offer both of these part-time positions primarily to staff at the national e-infrastructure provider institutions and their collaborating organizations. Staff are in this instance contracted to NeIC through a service agreement between the local employer institution and NeIC. We encourage both current NeIC staff and new candidates to apply!