Abdulrahman Azab the new Tryggve Project Manager

The project manager for Tryggve changes at the start of March 2020, as Abdulrahman Azab from USIT, University of Oslo starts in the role. Azab has been part of the project team since the start of Tryggve1 project, and part of the Tryggve2 project management team from 2017. He has wide experience in secure HPC as well as engagement in multiple international projects.

The outgoing project manager, Antti Pursula, has been nominated to lead international data services at CSC and therefore was not able to dedicate enough time to continue as Tryggve2 project manager. The outgoing and incoming project managers have worked extensively together in February to ensure smooth transition of tasks. There will be no change to the content of the project plan, and for example the use case support continues as before.

NeIC warmly welcomes Abdulrahman Azab to the new role and thanks Antti Pursula for his excellent work leading the project!