Anne Fouilloux continues as manager for NICEST2

In August 2022, we announced that we have an open position for a new manager in the NICEST2 project. After the process was completed, Anne Fouilloux was chosen to continue as the project manager of NICEST2 until the end of the project in May 2023 with a new agreement with Simula Research Laboratory, her new home organisation.

Simula Research Laboratory started as a partner organisation in NeIC earlier this year through the NordIQuEst project. Simula is also one of the three Norwegian partners in the LUMI-Q consortium that was recently chosen by the European High-Performance Computing Joint Undertaking to build a quantum computer. The LUMI-Q quantum computer will be a new computational partition in the LUMI supercomputer in Finland and be located in Czechia, at the IT4Innovations National Supercomputing Centre in Ostrava.

– Anne has proven to be a very competent, energetic, and committed project manager. Therefore I’m very happy that she will continue to lead NICEST2 which I’m confident will be a great success, says the project owner Abdulrahman Azab.