PaRI - Nordic Pandemic Research Infrastructure


PHASE: In Progress

PERIOD: 2020-11-01 — 2021-10-31

LEADER: Abdulrahman Azab




External wiki - External documentation, manuals and guides.

Internal wiki - Internal working documents.


Project Plan

Collaboration Agreement

Terms of Reference of the Reference Group

Business Case



PaRI will contribute NeIC Strategic objectives, which are aligned with PaRI partners objectives, as follows :

  • Beneficial collaborations are the principal way that NeIC brings together the needs, interests and resources to create e-infrastructure to support research excellence in the Nordic region. PaRI is implementing those among Nordic and Estonian National Providers and possibly among other European countries.
  • Nordic Influence is the effect that NeIC has in improving and advancing e-infrastructure for researchers and for society. PaRI aims to enable easy and seamless access to datasets for researchers and possibly non-academic users.
  • Motivated People are essential in the collaborations and to bring the results into the research domains and society. PaRI is a collaboration of six countries being also the NeIC members (Finland collaborates as an observer) and Germany. PaRI is not tied to COVID-19, but will work on preparing the grounds and expertise for future pandemics. At the core of PaRI is also its consortium’s expertise.
    *Effective processes bind NeIC into an organization that is able to realize the benefits and influences that come from the collaborations - PaRI aims at contributing to improvement of the processes at partners organizations, e.g., dialogue between the researchers and national providers.


Core partners:

  • University of Oslo (UiO), NO
  • University of Bergen (UiB), NO
  • Technical University of Denmark (DTU), DK
  • Estonian Compute Infrastructure (ETAIS), SS
  • German Network for Bioinformatics Infrastructure (de.NBI), DE
  • National Bioinformatics Infrastructure Sweden (NBIS), SE

Observer partners:

  • UNINETT Sigma2, NO
  • Swedish National Infrastructure for Computing (SNIC), SE
  • CSC-IT Center for Science, FI