Affiliate project

PERIOD: 2017-01-10 — 2020-03-15

LEADER: John White




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Project Plan

Final report

About Dellingr

The Dellingr project worked with the national e-infrastructure providers to define a functional framework for resource sharing that will recognize and build upon the unique strengths of each provider to advance research in each of the respective countries and within the Nordic region overall.

The project was defined and carried out in two phases with the involvement of national providers through an open planning effort. The planning explored and considered the possibilities, processes and steps necessary to carry out the project in a manner that is harmonized with and supportive of the national providers and programs while also supporting Nordic programs. The first phase focused on the use cases,analyses of the current approaches in each country and possible implementation strategies for access to cpu cycles. The second phase was the implementation phase and resulted in an environment that encourages and supports resource sharing within the Nordic region, including the high-level cooperation between the national providers.


The Dellingr project ran two successful resource sharing pilots. These pilots were credited in publications and produced a resource sharing framework.