PHASE: Finished

PERIOD: 2017-01-10 — 2020-03-15

LEADER: John White




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Apply for Nordic resources - Second test of Cross-Border resource sharing framework


Collaboration agreement

The approach is to work with the national e-infrastructure providers to define a functional framework for resource sharing that will recognize and build upon the unique strengths of each provider to advance research in each of the respective countries and within the Nordic region overall.

The pilot implementation is driven initially by a relevant scientific problem or goal from one or more research groups who are willing and able to commit a limited and defined amount of effort to working on an one or more national e-infrastructure providers who can commit to supporting an innovative or new mode of resource use on their systems.

The initial approach would be to carry out an extended functional exercise to define the scope of each of the tasks, explore and define the problems and opportunities associated with resources sharing, and identify any significant concerns or unique opportunities. This would be followed by using a small set of selected test cases to work through the basic requirements for resource sharing.

The outcomes would then be evaluated for further expansion or growth across the e-infrastructure providers.