Nordic WLCG tier-1 facility


PHASE: In operation

PERIOD: 2006-01-01 — 2050-12-31

LEADER: Mattias Wadenstein




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Nordic WLCG tier-1 facility

The Nordic distributed tier-1 facility for the worldwide computing grid serving the large hadron collider at CERN.

NDGF Tier1 is one of 14 regional computing centres of the Worldwide LHC Computing Grid – the huge international e-infrastructure built to provide computing and storage for the CERN. This Nordic solution is unique in being distributed across four countries: Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. All resources: All WLCG resources.

Supported research


ALICE is one of the experiments at the LHC, largely dedicated to studies of quark-gluon plasma in heavy ion collisions. It uses NDGF Tier1 together with six other Tier1 centres across the planet. All four NDGF countries host ALICE computing and storage resources.


ATLAS is the largest LHC experiment, dedicated to searches of new particles and phenomena in proton-proton collisions. NDGF Tier1 is one of 10 Tier1 centres used by ATLAS. Three NDGF countries, Denmark, Norway and Sweden, host ATLAS computing and storage.

Services provided


Storage of NDGF Tier1 is distributed across many computing centres. The dCache system, developed with contribution from NeIC, takes care of orchestrating data stored on disks and tapes all over Scandinavia. It also accepts data from CERN and other Tier1 centres.


A number of additional services are necessary for a Grid center operations. These include VOMS, FTS, BDII, SAM tests, and of course smooth network services. NDGF Tier1 uses these products as provided by their respective developers and EGI.

NLCG committee

Nordic LHC Computing Grid (NLCG) Committee is a NeIC body that oversees CERN-related activities, such as Nordic Tier1 implementation and interactions with ATLAS, ALICE and CMS experiments at CERN. The NLCG Committee is governed by Terms of Reference approved by the NeIC Board and has agreed to act as a reference group for the Nordic Tier-1 activity within NeIC.