Gudmund Høst

Gudmund Høst

NordForsk Norway

Gudmund Høst is the Director of NeIC, and is employed at NordForsk in Oslo.

Prior to this he has held positions at the Research Council of Norway and the Department of Oceanography and Wave Statistics at DNV, and was also Chief Research Scientist at the Norwegian Computing Center, where he worked on statistical modelling of environmental data.

He has served as Chair of the Steering Board of Nordic Data Grid Facility, and has played a key role in the planning of the Nordic eScience Initiative. He has participated in expert committees on e-Infrastructures under the auspices of the US National Science Foundation and the European Commission, and in The Netherlands, Sweden and South Africa. He served as Chair of the e-Infrastructures Reflection Group (e-IRG) from 2011 to 2012. Høst holds a Master’s degree in Fluid Mechanics and a Ph.D. in Science and Mathematical Statistics, both from the University of Oslo.


NeIC office

Executive team, Director

Board, Ex officio, non-voting

Provider forum, Observer


NeIC 2017 Conference

Steering group, Project owner, Chair

Program reference group, Chair

Project analysis


Management, Project owner

NeIC 2015 Conference

Program reference group, Chair

NeIC 2022 Conference

Programme committee, Ex officio