Project analysis


PHASE: Finished

PERIOD: 2014-04-01 — 2017-06-30

LEADER: Joel Hedlund




Project analysis report - with recommendations.

Project governance process - overview in graphics and text.

Internal wiki - Internal working documents.


Visions and best-case-scenarios:

  • Develop a framework for lightweight project analysis that is usable also for operations.
  • Discover good working practices and bring them into the spotlight.

NeIC is carrying out a project analysis exercise in 2017q2, for quality assurance and continuous improvement of NeIC as an organization.


  • Base work on PPS project analysis materials, and adapt to NeIC needs for projects and operations.
  • Do it openly (eg Google drive folder open for comments by all).
  • Do it as a matter of course. Do not wait until there is a problem.
  • Open invitation for spontaneous feedback from anyone involved in activities.


2017-03-20 Start work on producing materials.
2017-04-19–20 PPS Training, Program and portfolio steering.
2017-05-29 New website launched.
2017-05-30 Info review; Internal document deadline for NeIC board.
2017-06-15 NeIC board meeting.
2017-06-22 Report delivered to XT.
2017-09-05 Deadline for implementation of proposed actions.
2017-09-05 Info review; Internal document deadline for NeIC board.
2017-09-21 NeIC board meeting.


This is primarily an internal activity. Results will be made public.